Ron Green – MA
Executive Director

Ron Green grew up on the Colorado front-range. He studied music, art, poetics, computer networking and education before moving to Costa Rica to pursue a multilingual, cultural and ecological education for his family. While in Central America, Ron taught English to all grade levels as well as adult corporate programs. He co-founded a holistic learning studio in Esparza,
Costa Rica in 2010 dedicated to cultural and ecological recovery. Ron has worked with and developed non-traditional English Acquisition methodologies for with a wide range of international students of all ages. For over eight years, Ron has delivered cross-curricular learning instruction to early childhood, primary and secondary classrooms. He is the executive director of Originateve Holistic Learning Designs, a Colorado non-profit dedicated to assisting organizations holistically meet the needs of modern educational goals and serves as President of the International Council of Holistic Education and Learning.

Ron has managed restaurants, corporate executive suites and a wedding/events venue. He graduated from Metropolitan State University with a BA in English, and took a Masters of Education through Colorado Christian University. He also studied poetics at Naropa University, indigenous studies with Martin Prechtel, and holds certificates in Permaculture and sommelier.

Carl B. Emmons – MA
Master Mentor

Once upon a time, Carl carved a music career out of the shear dream of sharing long nights on sidewalk curbs with disenchanted youth. A lifelong yearning to return to Costa Rica, the land of his birth, led him down a 10-year journey into the wonders of childhood development. Now holding both a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Regenerative Education, Carl joins the Flora family eager to continue his life of service towards the community building he carried out extensively in Costa Rica and China as one of the founding members of Originateve. Though bards are mostly a trade of the past, Carl & his magnetic storytelling, profound songwriting & garnished party toasts promises to blend a multi-lingual taste of the past with all that is yet to be.
Rudionna Garza – MA
Admissions Counselor
Rudionna is a dedicated educator eager to continue passing along the powerful change that enriched learning offered her. After graduating from The Colorado College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish, she began her career on the founding team of The Denver School of Science and Technology. For eight years, she worked as Spanish Teacher, Student Advisor and then Director of Admissions. During this time, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from The University of Denver. Following DSST, she served the administration of La Escuela Tlatelolco for three years as the Director of Curriculum and ELL. Rudionna joins the pro bono efforts of FLORA’s planning team while continuing to serve as a founding teacher in
the Spanish Department at Compass Academy Charter School. She has since moved into an administrator role for Hope Online Charter School.